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I still need to get my Lili in the mail for the alter queue :( moving is hectic and I don’t have a return address yet.

The Queue!

So I got a spot in the queue!! What’s the best way to ship a card?

This one is mine. Pretty cool to see it pop up on the tumblr!

This one is mine. Pretty cool to see it pop up on the tumblr!

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Look at what was bestowed upon me by my local store!!!



Polish’s Deck Tech: Chandra’s Caress

I feel like for every 10 people that aspire to create a Mill deck, there’s at least 1 person crazy enough to try and abuse Megrim. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a whole lot of tools back in the late 90s when it was first printed, so the deck was extremely clunky and slow. It was basically an extremely slow hand destruction deck with The Rack & Underworld Dreams doing all the work. Against a fine tuned Green Stompy or Sligh deck, Megrim just ran out of steam in a few turns. That was Magic over a decade ago though…

The deck type has a lot of support going for it now, especially with an upgraded Megrim in the form of Liliana’s Caress. Not only is it less mana, but it bypasses Circle of Protection effects! So instead of durdling around with maybe just 1 Megrim in play, there’s a good chance you’ll hit 2~3 per game, which is a huge when paired up with Anvil of Bogardan

Now what really puts the deck over the edge isn’t just Blightning and a few Megrim effects, but it’s actually Burning Inquiry. For the cost of just (1) Red, you’re looking at 6 damage minimum with (1) Megrim in play. Imagine having (2) Megrims in play. That’s 12 damage for just (1) Red! That’s not even mentioning Chandra, where she can literally just create another copy and deal a whopping 12~24~36 Damage with only (1) Red Mana!

This combo isn’t exactly slow either. It’s possible to kill your opponent(s) on the 4th turn easily, which isn’t bad considering it’s in the same category as casual Mill decks. Please note opponent(s)… 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜) Yes, you can kill everyone on the board at once with this deck. Here’s a brief run down on the things you can do.

Turn 1: Swamp > Duress
Turn 2: Mountain > Dark Ritual > Chandra
Turn 3: Swamp > Megrim > Chandra +1
Turn 4: Swamp > Chandra -2 > Copy Blightning > 3+4+3+4 = 14 DMG
Turn 5: Burning Inquiry > 6 DMG (12 DMG if Chandra’s still alive)

Turn 1: Mountain > Bolt > 3 DMG
Turn 2: Swamp > Anvil of Bogardan
Turn 3: Swamp > Liliana’s Caress > Burning Inquiry > 6 DMG
Opponent’s 3rd Turn: 2 DMG
Turn 4: Mountain > Blightning > 3+4 > 7 DMG
Opponent’s 4th Turn: 2 DMG

Turn 1: Swamp > Dark Ritual > Megrim
Turn 2: Swamp > Liliana’s Caress
Turn 3: Mountain > Blightning > 3+4+4= 11 DMG
Turn 4: Burning Inquiry > 12 DMG

There’s a lot of other combinations, but the real fun is when Chandra’s in play.

Enjoy the list!

Main Deck:
2 Chandra, the Firebrand

4 Anvil of Bogardan
4 Blightning
4 Burning Inquiry
4 Dark Ritual
4 Duress
4 Lightning Bolt
4 Liliana’s Caress
4 Magma Jet
4 Megrim
2 Pyroclasm

4 Dragonskull Summit
4 Mountain
4 Sulfurous Springs
8 Swamp

2 Anarchy
2 Ensnaring Bridge
4 Faerie Macabre
1 Jaya Ballard, Task Mage ♡(*´∀`*)人(*´∀`*)♡
3 Pyroblast
3 Smash to Smithereens

The land base is all up to you. Shell out a month’s rent on some revised duals & fetchlands or $15~$20? I mean, this is just a "casual" Chandra deck.

Reblogging this since I loaned this deck out to a friend this weekend and just destroyed her multi-player playgroup LOL

I will be building this. It features an Argyle card and a Chandra? I’m sold.

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I just got the story on the alters my local store got in. They realized Steve Argyle was the one placing the order and refunded it. The. Steve sent them a box of awesome.

My local store just got in two altered desthrites. A jace and a garruk. Dunno if they are for sale or not, they came straight from Mr. Argyle.

Local store is doing $85 RtR boxes so I picked one up today. Popped a foil Dearhrite!!!!